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Lake Amistad fishing guide Raul Cordero

Raul Cordero is the only Lake Amistad fishing guide consistently catching big bass in 2013. Bass fishing guides have challenges this year. The Amistad lake level is low. We are starting to have hot weather too. Book a trip with bass fishing guide Captain Cordero and see the difference. Lake Amistad has many good fishing guides, but none of them have the recent picture proof on their websites like Farwest Guide Service.

Farwest Guide Services supports the national Take Me Fishing campaign of The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF). Someone took Raul fishing for the first time and he was hooked!


Raul was six years old when he first started fishing. He knew then that he had a special connection with the water and fish. He started fishing small ponds, creeks and lakes. He found himself fishing after school and on the weekends. Every chance he had, he was out there. This gave him a chance to learn on his own and from others.


He fished with friends and met new fishing buddies everywhere he went. Raul learned the different formations and water temperatures. What the different species of fish liked. What depth to find them. When they ate. When they spawned and what they liked to eat. Later he would learn the latest electronics and high tech fishing techniques.  It seemed very casual at the time, but Raul was becoming a really good fisherman. He learned patience and discipline from the older fisherman. While experimenting with different bait he learned what tackle to use for every situation. Some of this was trial and error. Sometimes it was just the many hours with a pole in his hand.


At 18 years of age, Raul Cordero began fishing tournaments.  He has fished Bassmaster Opens, FLW, Basschamps and local tournaments on Lake Amistad. He began having serious success in 2010. Sponsors came calling to partner with Raul and he was named fisherman of the year in three fishing clubs he belonged to.


It became a good idea to be a Lake Amistad fishing guide when strangers approached him and asked him to take them fishing for money. What seemed to some as an obsession, became a career. Raul Cordero became Captain Cordero when he became a Coast Guard Licensed Capt. and a National Park Services approved guide.


It was great for him that people chose him to fish with on Lake Amistad. It verified he was in an elite class with other guides he had always looked up to and respected.


Today he is the most sought after guide on Lake Amistad and some of his clients insist on him being their guide when fishing Falcon Lake. The proof is in the catch! Many Lake Amistad bass fishing guides catch big fish, but not as many big fish. Not consistently either. Part of that is Raul is out on the lake almost everyday. He is not currently fishing the big tournaments around the Country yet. Farwest Guide Service catches trophy bass. It is the years of experience and hard work that got him here today.


Raul was fortunate to have the support of his family. If you ask him he will always mention how important his wife Melissa and his girls are to him. He considers himself really blessed. He appreciates his God given talent and the love from his friends and family. It's hard to be on the lake everyday without it. Understanding how important fishing is to Raul is easy if you talk to him for 5 minutes. You'll see how excited he is talking about his boat, electronics or really big largemouth bass!


It's been said that if you find work you love, it will never seem like you are working. That is because you are always doing something you love. Raul Cordero loves fishing and he is really good at it. If you get a chance to fish with him, do it!

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Raul was angler of the year in three separate bass clubs!


2010 Bassmaster Open 2nd place finish Lake Amistad

2010 Bassmaster Central Open 11th place Red River Louisiana.


2009 Bass Champs 17th & 19th place

2010 Bud Light Trail

      Jan 22nd 1st place

      Feb 26th 1st place

      April 23rd 2nd place

      May 21st 2nd place

2011 Bud light trail Angler of the year


2010 Permian State Invitational 2nd place

2008 West Texas Team Trail. Lake Amistad 2nd place

2012 Tournament of Champions Lake Amistad 2nd place

2012 Lake Amistad FLW Everstart 41st place

2013 Lake Amistad Bass Pro Shops and IFBBA 1st place